Day 2 – Pills & Supplements

I take a lot of pills and supplements every morning now. Eighteen pills to start; six prescription and twelve over the counter supplements, all of which the pharmacist (from my nice large team of doctors) agrees with. It’s nice when my research lines up with actual professional opinions.

Then six grams of D-Ribose powder dissolved in my morning smoothie, and another prescription medicine every evening in addition to the morning pills.

I also recently started using full spectrum CBD oil every morning, and have noticed a positive measurable difference in my body’s KPIs since then. My mood has improved quite a bit since then as well, so something there is working.

When I type it all out it seems like a lot, but it helps when I continually remind myself that I’m a big fan of Better Living Through Chemistry and they’ll all help me live longer – some of them much longer – so I’m not really complaining.

Alright, maybe I’m just telling myself I’m not complaining, because I’m not sure I would know if I’m complaining really. I do like complaining at times though. It’s evidently a hobby of mine.

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