Jeremy Writing

Day 1 – Writing & Smoothies

When I had my super happy fun hospital times in December I came out of them with the intention of writing more, doing more, and generally experiencing life more. While I’ve definitely occasionally drifted in that direction I’ve spent a lot more time working my day job than I really need to, and my off time has been spent doing more relaxing than anything else, including this past weekend. The weekend was great mind you – Holly and I spent the weekend visiting the farmer’s market, enjoying a quiet lunch in Edmonds, driving aimlessly (and damn the fuel costs), visiting a brewery for a slice of pizza and a beer, and watching some TV – but we didn’t do much else really. Nothing that I would have liked to accomplish was completed, which is sadly a pretty constant experience for me lately. Because of that Holly and I ended up talking late Sunday night about the need to get back to a healthier, more purposeful life, so we decided to make a mug of magnesium and ashwagandha dissolved in warm water before bed, have some of the CBN infused CBD oil we prefer, and planned to start back on the breakfast smoothie train.

After that, while enjoying my smoothie this morning, I decided I needed to write something daily. So I’m going to do that at least through the end of May, and then I’ll see if I want to continue it once June rolls around. I don’t know when – or if – this practice will ultimately end, but I am going to keep it up as long as I feel like it’s beneficial to me.

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