Day 10 – Phone Calls

I’ve recently started spending a lot more time on the phone than I usually do. This is largely due to the fact that setting up a bunch of corporate entities is dealing with organizations that largely erase decades of technological development due to the bureaucracy they have to deal with. Granted, there are some services that try to make it simpler; I’ve used Northwest Registered Agent (whom I recommend for forming and maintaining your next corporate entity by the way) off and on for years and they have been adding features to the online portal at a steady clip. However, they still have to talk to you at least once for…. reasons?

Now, I’d largely stopped thinking about phone calls because I’d only made probably 10-20 calls year to date. Even customer facing calls are usually video conferences now, and those generally aren’t incoming calls that disturb me when I least expect it. It’s like a solicitor knocking on the door or people showing up unannounced to “drop in”; it used to happen all the time but it’s become drastically less frequent over the years and is largely considered rude. At least we can install video doorbells and ignore them now. (The dogs do not like this plan, they want to meet everyone. Alas, they are dogs and thus cannot open the door due to a lack of opposable thumbs.)

Google Assistant is a nice feature in that it screens calls and I can see a summary of what the call is about prior to answering it, but that still doesn’t cover all calls because if the caller is in my contacts it just rings straight through.

I personally look forward to phone calls going extinct. We have better technology now and I will prefer a high def video conference over a phone call any day. Especially if it’s scheduled.